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Use the links below to download the RP2005 product manual, installer, and driver software.

RP00001616DB/TB Manual 14-DEC-2005 PDF
RP0000xxxxTBLV Manual 2-APR-2007 PDF
RP0000xxxxTBCLDC Manual 13-MAY-2007 PDF
RP0000xxxxN Manual Version 1.00 8-JAN-2008 PDF
RP0000xxxxN Manual Version 2.00 24-MAR-2009 PDF
RP0000xxxxS Manual 8-JAN-2008 PDF
Installation 24-MAR-2009 ZIP
Installation V0411 13-JAN-2010 ZIP
Unified Installation CD V0102 (19 MB) 21-SEP-2010 ZIP
Unified Installation CD V0103 (19 MB) 6-MAR-2011 ZIP
USB Driver Win98, Win2K 11-DEC-2007 ZIP
USB Driver Win2K, WinXP, Vista and Win7 26-NOV-2012 ZIP
USB Driver Win2K, WinXP, Vista, Win7 and Win8 17-MAR-2013 ZIP
RP2005 Driver Version 1.00 26-JUN-2005 ZIP
RP2005 Driver Version 2.00 8-JAN-2008 ZIP
RP2005 Driver Version 2.01 13-JAN-2010 ZIP
Sample Input Schematics 22-SEP-2007 PDF
Sample Photosensor Input Schematics 22-SEP-2007 PDF

The following samples will give you a head start on getting the RP2005 up and running in your application.

Software Samples
Visual Basic 5.0 11-MAY-2007 ZIP
Borland C++Builder 5.0 26-JUN-2005 ZIP
Borland Delphi BDS 2006 8-JAN-2008 ZIP
National Instruments LabView 8.5.1 (Many Thanks Alan) 24-MAR-2009 ZIP
National Instruments LabView 9.0 1-MAY-2010 ZIP
National Instruments CVI 6.0 27-JUN-2005 ZIP
National Instruments TestStand 2.0 7-FEB-2005 ZIP
National Instruments TestStand 3.0 8-FEB-2005 ZIP
Microsoft VC++ 5.0 Explicitly Load DLL 26-JUN-2005 ZIP
Microsoft VC++ 5.0 Implicitly Load DLL 26-JUN-2005 ZIP
Microsoft C# Express 2008 29-JAN-2010 ZIP
Microsoft C# Example Class For RP2005.dll 2-FEB-2008 PDF
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express 25-OCT-2011 ZIP
Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express written & tested on Win7 25-OCT-2011 ZIP
Linux Example - Thanks Steve H. 2-FEB-2011 ZIP
Python Example - Thanks Joshua M. 7-JUL-2017 ZIP

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