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AlGalCo - Hydrogen On Tap

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AlGalCo has the exclusive license to commercialize a patented new technology in which hydrogen is generated on demand simply by adding water to a solid alloy comprised of over 90% common aluminum. The process eliminates the need for high pressure containers and pipelines for creating and transporting hydrogen. The alloy can be safely stored at standard temperature and pressure. As the feed stock is ordinary aluminum, the spent alloy (alumina) can be recovered and recycled back into the original alloy an indefinite number of times. This is done by deploying 100-year old aluminum industry standard techniques. Any type of water will actuate the reaction.

BCS Ideas' decades of automotive and industrial control experience made us a well qualified partner for this project. We have been involved in the vetting of the technology, development of controls and data acquisition for the beta phase and will be designing and producing the control module for the production unit.

Alzheimer's Association

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For this project the customer used the DYB2200. The idea was to create a skee ball type apparatus that was educational. When a ball was rolled up the ramp it would land in one of 4 holes. Each hole represented an area of the brain. When the ball fell through the hole a switch was activated. Each switch is connected to one of the four inputs of the DYB2200. Each of the four inputs of the DYB2200 will play their own sound file. As each area of the brain was selected by the ball a description of how Alzheimer's affected that part of the brain would play.

Horse Ride Upgrade

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The customer originally used the DYB2001_CBS for this project. It has since been changed to the DYB2003_CBS because of the larger memory capacity. The horse ride was purchased and the DYB2003 was added to play various sound files. It has been used at several children's birthday parties. When the ride starts it will play the first sound file. When that file is finished the child can pull on the reigns of the horse and a new sound file will play.

Ranch Gate

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This customer had installed an automatic gate as the entrance to his ranch. The gate had a mission type theme. When a visitor drives up they enter a number in the keypad located on the large stick to the left of the drive. If the code is correct the gate will open. BCS Ideas was tasked with creating a control panel that would interface with the keypad and play mission bell type music as the gates opened. For this project we used the DYB2200 and a 240 watt car amplifier. Power came from an automobile battery with a solar charger. We made the 4 inputs of the DYB2200 switch selectable. This gave the customer the ability to play up to 4 different themes.

Powell's Sweet Shoppe

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This customer wanted a YourBell placed by the stock room door. They were having problems with uninvited guests and wanted to be notified when the door opened. We supplied them with the DYB2001 and a magnetic reed relay switch. There were problems with mounting the switch due to location of the door to the door jam. We designed a motion sensor ( to be released soon ) that mounted to the bottom of the YourBell. The customer was so pleased with the results that they ordered one for the entry to their store. Now every time a person walks in to the store one of the many sound files will play. This has helped to differentiate their store from others in the community.

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