What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thank you very much for your assistance! We love our YourBell (it's the second one we've owned - we had to leave our first one in the house we sold because the buyers loved it too).
Great product. "

Phillip B; Dallas TX; 13-Oct-2016

"We got to experience the YourBell at our summer place last week. It was just too much fun!
The house is being constructed in northwest Wyoming, so we put the sounds of elk, loons, sandhill cranes, bison, etc. on the chime. They are all clear and attention-grabbing. They have delighted our neighbors when they came over to see how the house is going.
Thanks for producing a quality product."

Craig and Lynda S; ; 30-Mar-2016

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know everything is installed and working well. Thanks so much for your dedication to getting this solved - you've got a happy family here!"

Mathew W; Great Neck, NY; 23-Mar-2016

"Thank you for your courteous polite and professional support – and rapid/refund credit. Love the doorbell and support system. Thank you for customer support in a world of little customer support."

Marsha R; Phoenix, AZ; 1-Feb-2016

"Thanks for your help with the doorbell. My wife loves it! Hope you have a Happy New Year!!"

Gentry L; ; 30-Dec-2015

"Hello BCS,
I had owned a USB model for a few years when I wrote to you, offering some suggestions. Someone wrote back (Mark?), we exchanged a couple of notes, and I was told that I might get to be a test subject. Then I badgered you until the SD/MMS came out. You sent me one, no charge. Then I felt bad and sent a check anyway. Then life happened. Just today I took the SD/MMS out of the box and installed it. Here are my comments:
With my old USB YourBell I used to set my laptop on a barstool, let the Bell hang from its wires, and connected to it with a long usb cable. The SD card is a significant improvement.
Having (for my purposes, anyway) unlimited capacity for sound files and lists is also a huge improvement.
For what it's worth, the board and connection block look nicer to me than in the older unit.
And the case is still well-made and nice looking, and it's still got a decent speaker in it.
In short, I love it. Everyone who visits, or who I tell about it, thinks it's cool too.
I've thought about having two buttons outside my door. One marked Friends, Family, and Deliveries. One marked "Other" The latter would play thru a speaker on the porch. Selections like "Hit The Road, Jack.""

RC; ; 13-Jul-2015

"You guys ROCK! Installed the doorbell, the OU fight song sounds super. I have a very happy wife. Thanks again, I'll spread the word for Yourbell."

Tim B; Evergreen, CO; 8-Jul-2015

"Worked perfectly, thank you very much. My wife is very happy (which means I have a chance too). As an additional note, this product is excellent. Thank you."

Jeff P; ; 26-Jul-2014

"Wow, this is an impressive unit. Nicely finished wood. Solid electronics. The sound quality blows me away! I have the unit powered up and both inputs appear to be working just fine. Congratulations on a VERY nice product."

Jason; ; 17-Sep-2012

"I just wanted to thank you again for your patience with me today. You are very knowledgeable and willing to help me without rushing me. They say customer service is a dying art but you proved that wrong today. If there were only more people like you in this world we would all be better off. Thanks again Mark

Jason M; ; 14-Oct-2011

"The Yourbell arrived in the mail last Friday, and I had it installed and working the same night. Next day I installed an extension speaker in the basement, installed the software on my computer and uploaded a bunch of hilarious .wav files. It’s been an absolute blast. The sound is great, and the quality is outstanding. It’s nice to purchase something made in the USA for a change. We really appreciated the personal email, too. Keep up the great work!"

Ken M; Calgary, AB; 9-Mar-2011

"It is awesome."

Byron; ; 11-Jul-2010

"I was very pleased with the way the YourBell was packaged and delighted with the lovely cherry case. I need someone who knows what he's doing to wire it to the existing setup, and I was hoping to get my college student son to help program it with some music. I'm already thinking about buying another one!! Thank you for your email. I'll be in touch if I need help (which I probably will)."

Mary Lou L; ; 18-Mar-2010

"sorry for the Sunday call but I had to tell you....we're in business... ALL GOOD!! I erased the file and started over. I loaded 2 files to and to my surprise it plays the clips one after another, that is so awesome. So we now have Jules from the movie Pulp Fiction announcing his presence and the a piece of "who can it be knocking at my door" from Men At Work using the Audacity to cut just a 8 second clip. I know I said it before but a huge thanks to you for all the support getting this up and running!! I'm spreading the word and once my friends and family see this cool piece of tech gear I'm sure there will be some orders. attached a pic showing the finished product, painted and hung. Thanks again.
One satisfied customer north of the 49th....
ps. good luck with men's hockey this afternoon."

Jason; Canada; 28-Feb-2010

"No questions. A fantastic product and service! All I now need to do is route the wires from the doors to the box and I'm in business. Thanks for the follow-up."

Ian W; ; 24-Feb-2010

"I appreciate the help with the installation of the YourBell last week and the personal phone number. Works great. I am looking forward to using it on special occasions, holidays, etc. I have already loaded some folders with Halloween sounds, Christmas music, College Fight songs etc. which shoud be fun. Will definitely pass word along about your product and the great support to friends."

Warner H; ; 23-Feb-2010

"We are pleased with the bell. We are using it to play University of Tennessee sports clips in our break area at our business. The unit is triggered off of a prox. switch instead of a button. We have remodeled our break area to mimic the end zone at Neyland Stadium. When someone enters the area for drinks it starts playing. Works well... We are very happy with the unit and how easy it was to program..."

Corey J; ; 2-Nov-2009

"I have been meaning to write back to you for some time now. I am very happy with my new doorbell and it works great! I learned how to use the software fairly quickly. My bell is playing 4 versions of Ave Maria and it makes me smile every time I hear it. Many thanks for your engineering genius!"

Father David M. C; ; 18-Sep-2009

"Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, family situations took precedent. I replaced the bell transformer with a larger unit and now all works fine. We are very happy with your product and support. You have an excellent product, keep up the good work."

Sammy S; Seattle, WA; 5-Sep-2009

"Thank you to Mark for being available on Sunday to answer my question on the "Your Bell" software error I received. I work full time and the only have the weekends to work on my home projects. I appreciate the dedicated support and quick results Mark provided to resolve my problem. I am now ready for Monday Night Football and have the theme song on my bell!"

Eric and Jennifer P; ; 23-Aug-2009

"I just wanted to say that the device is top notch. The efforts that went into the design are second to none. Even more impressive is the user friendliness and the extensive documentation which covers all contingencies. I used them all. Thanks for a quality product and I will be promoting the device whenever I can."

Jason T; ; 1-Jul-2009

"Hey Mark, The follow up service is most appreciated. Customer service is a cornerstone of repeat business. Good strategy, I wholly endorse and appreciate it. As to your product that I purchased, it rocks! The instructions are crystal clear, the GUI is too easy, and the Yourbell works like a charm. It is a big hit with all my visitors with no end to the suggestions for programming it. About the only thing I can say is that wireless would have been nice, but I understand that a wireless card would have put the price over the top. My electrician was totally impressed, although the unit did not come with a transformer (perhaps another cost conscious decision). However, all in all, a great product, fun as well as functional. Keep up the good ideas!"

Paul S; ; 29-Jan-2009

"Wow, what a heavenly email! I'm so happy to have you there, I'm sure the doorbell will work splendidly, I already have downloaded a brilliant trumpet fanfare (intended for doorbells!) with itunes, and I think my visitors will be thrilled to be announced. I'm putting this email in my "tech support" filter on gmail, and I thank you so very much."

Shoshana G; ; 28-Oct-2008

"Thanks for writing. As I told your technical support staff the other day, this is THE coolest thing I've bought in the last 10 years. I've got the house sounding like the Addam's Family circa 1965 with all the sound fx from the show. I've already told my friends so I'm sure you'll get more orders. YourBell is simply the best."

Michael Z; ; 20-Oct-2008

"Hi: just want to let you know that I received my new doorbell and not only does the wood perfectly match my kitchen cabinets but my son had no problems programming in my favorite songs from my favorite CDs. Great quality, wonderful craftsmanship, terrific support if we had needed it. Wow - my own personalized doorbell - the first one in the neighborhood. Totally cool. Thanks very much. You are welcome to use my testimony if you wish."

Nancy Bell; Mission Viejo, CA; 23-Sep-2008

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