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BCS Ideas originated in 2006 in Kokomo, Indiana. The staff has over 30 years of experience in test, automation, and data acquisition. BCS Ideas offers USB DAQ and Control products . The boards are built for OEM applications. The digital I/O boards have buffered inputs and either open drain N Channel MOSFET outputs, Solid State Relay outputs or P Channel MOSFET sourcing outputs. All DIO boards come in various configurations. We offer an 8 channel, 18 bit ADC board and will soon releasing a dual channel thermocouple input board. We also have several customer specific boards. If there is a particular configuration that you would like to see, contact us as we can turn ideas to product in a short time.

YourBell is designed and manufactured by BCS Ideas Corporation in the USA. We have been providing a door chime that plays MP3 files since 2006. In 2008 we released an expanded version of the YourBell for homes with more than just a front and back door for inputs. It also has the capability to interface with whole home audio systems or act as a stand alone chime.

Most recently BCS Ideas' decades of automotive and industrial control experience made us a well qualified partner for AlGalCo . AlGalCo is bringing to market an exciting technology that generates hydrogen on demand by mixing water and aluminum. We have been involved in the vetting of the technology, development of controls and data acquisition for the beta phase and will be designing and producing the control module for the production unit.

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